Home straight hair how to pick ? How to choose home straight babyliss hair?

Home straight hair is an inexpensive , easy to use common hairdressing small appliances , buy method is not complicated. So , home hair straightener how to pick ? How to buy babyliss hair dryer straightener ?
Brand: babyliss pro currently on the market in the sale of home straight hair a lot of brands , quality is uneven, so everyone in the buy hair straightener should focus on the brand is good, good reputation , quality of clearance of quality products. If you choose good or buy cottage appliances , consumer safety is a serious threat. Formal recommendation to purchase a registered trademark of the manufacturers of the products .

Certification: As the general use of straight hair is AC powered products, to buy the biggest problem is safety. Ensure the safety certification , certified products, have been testing authority , is in line with safety standards , exports generally is the result of the CE or UL certified . Domestic CCC.

Appearance: straight hair in the purchase , the babyliss big hair should take note of the appearance of straight hair , mainly in the following areas:

a, appearance of fashion , style is easy to grip handle portion , use ;

b, products plastic part of the color is uniform ;

c, there is a serious product exterior of the odor ;

d, the various components of products , the babyliss pro hair dryer seams are smooth, delicate , no glitches ;

e, opening and closing when straight hair is flexible , in place, without jamming phenomenon ;

f, related accessories are complete, intact ;

g, the existence of wire part breaks, cracks and other phenomena .

Trial : To turn about turn tail , to see if it is very flexible, babyliss hair very flexible , indicating a good match . Approach is to allow the natural sagging power line , 360-degree turn straight hair, if you can smoothly rotate 360 ??degrees , indicating a good turn tail .